Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nearly March and haven't updated really sorry!

I know its not Christmas anymore.
Boy am I behind.  But Gift Certificates are still great for birthdays, Moms Day, Easter, St Patty's Day, lets go GREEN, or Orange whichever you delite in.
Spring is coming and I know we've been in boots and layers up to you know where. But why not get those feet in shape.
Call me I am ready and waiting for you with hot sudsy water and lavender ummmmm smells so great.
New product I am trying out.
Great new scrub;


The limes are soaked in vodka for a few months and then processed with the ingredients for a wonderful aromatic scrub. Check it out and all of their products on
PEDICURES ARE $30.00 for a time so don't miss out on the price break, you'll the love experience.
All this and more upstairs above robins egg bleu~Winthrop, WA

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